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Hi! I'm Anthony Daniello. I teach athletes how to play with confidence, develop mental toughness, and gain an edge over the competition.



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1:1 Coaching program



For those looking to master the mental game, play at an elite level, perform consistently, and reach their potential.




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learn to train confidence

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compete with confidence

the key to peak performance

The purpose of this course is to help you become the most confident version of yourself, on and off the field, so you can perform at your best when it means the most.



about Performance

why physical training isn't enough





The best athletes in the world will be the first to tell you that 90 percent of their sport is mental. However, the mental game gets trained less than 10 percent of the time.​​


Because what most fail to realize is that mental skills are trainable. Just like you train the body to develop proper technique, you can condition the mind to be more confident, focused, and disciplined. The process is the same. You do drills to develop the skills, except the skills you’re working on are mental.

But it won't happen by accident. You have to be intentional and consistent. The good news, you will learn the same systems and methods used by today's elite to produce results. And if it works for them, it will work for you too.

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Program right for me?

it's for the athlete who...

is tired of being an average player and ready to stand out on the field.

is seeing results in practice and in training, but still underperforming in games.

wants to play at the next level but lack the strategies and mental skills to get there.​​

is rehabbing an injury and wants to learn how mental performance can help accelerate the recovery process​.



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Due to the customization of this program, enrollment is limited. Once filled, you’ll have to wait until the next open enrollment. Although I would love to coach everyone, it’s just not possible from a time commitment.



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To Do List

Customized Development Plan

Every player will complete a self-assessment which I will score and review. This process will help me establish a baseline of where to start, so I can develop a plan specific to your goals.

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Weekly Coaching Calls

Total of twelve 30 minute 1:1 coaching calls with me, your mental performance coach. I will provide you with clarity, accountability, and support so you can be consistent.


Quarterly Reassessment

At the end of the quarter, we will reassess, measure your progress, and adjust the plan if needed to ensure you stay on target with your goals.

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Reach Your Potential

While the initial goal is to increase on-field performance, most players find these same mental skills are beneficial for everyday life situations.



mental performance skills


will i learn in this program


When you enroll in this coaching program, you will learn the skills and strategies used by the game's most elite competitors.


Mindset, Commitment,Focus, Awareness, Discipline, Self-Control, Routines, Habits, Process, Confidence, Time Management, Energy Management, Mental Imagery, Leadership.

Once you develop these mental skills and apply them to your game, you will start to perform consistently at a higher level.



questions from players

the 5 questions i get asked the most

Question #1: How does 1:1 coaching work? Is it in person or online?

The program consists of a weekly 1:1 coaching call with me, your mental performance coach. Each session last about 30 minutes, and all calls will be on zoom.

Question #2: How does scheduling work?

I use an app called Calendly. You will receive my personal scheduling link, allowing you to book, cancel, or make changes as needed.

Question #3: Is this coaching program customized for each player?

Yes! Once, registered, you will receive instructions to begin the onboarding process. Every player will complete a self-assessment which I will score and review. This process will help me establish a baseline of where to start, so I can develop a plan specific to your goals. Lastly, a brief introductory phone call will be made where you can ask any questions before your first coaching session.

Question #4: How many sessions are included?

You will get 12 coaching sessions. After your 12th session, we will reassess next steps. Coaching can last as long as you'd like.

Question #5: Coach, if I'm playing well right now, should I wait to work on my mental game?

No. Almost every MLB team has a mental coach on staff. If the best are doing it, why wouldn't you? Most people don't know that you can train and develop mental skills just like your physical skills. But it's not going to happen by accident. You have to be intentional and consistent with the right strategies. If you're not working on your mental game, you are leaving results on the table. If you want to separate yourself, this is how you do it.



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compete with confidence


want to learn how to show up everyday with high levels of confidence just like the pros?

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This course will help you consistently perform at your best, overcome any obstacle, and stay confident when it means the most.

you will


Why You Struggle With Confidence

The Truth About Confidence

Where Confidence Comes From

How To Create Confidence

How To Play With Confidence

and How To Build More Confidence



what your game could look like

You're able to execute in games the same way you do at practice.

You can get the job done with your A game, B game, or C game, whether you “feel” good or not.

You thrive under pressure, and accept all challenges.



compete with confidence

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Mental Performance coach

Coaching background & experience

Creator of Compete with Confidence, The Key to Peak Performance course

Anthony Daniello, MPC, combines his playing experience as an athlete with his coaching knowledge to help competitors perform at their best.

He regularly works with coaches and athletes to overcome performance frustration and anxiety by teaching a system to help drive results. What makes this process unique is that it is customizable to each athlete.

His client list includes athletes at the Olympic level, MLB, NCAA, and High School.

Anthony currently serves one of the top northeast summer developmental programs, Baseball U CT. As the organization's Mental Performance Coach, he has helped hundreds of players develop the skills to focus under pressure, slow the game down, and manage adverse situations. To date, over 300 players have made college commitments.

Prior to working in the field of Mental Performance, Anthony coached High School Varsity Baseball for 12 years. In 2012, he coached his younger brother Bryan who received the highest achievement, the CT Gatorade Player of the Year award.

Anthony also spent three years in the 13-15 age group, where his teams won three state titles, one regional title, and a World Series championship.

You can connect with Anthony on Instagram @anthonydaniello and on Twitter @coachdaniello.